In this comprehensive guide we give you all the information you need to make this important decision.

GRO-DHIGuideRebrand-Concept1-Rev1 NO DHI LOGOS 1-compressedIn this free hair loss guide we cover:

  • What is hair and how does it grow
  • Overview of hair loss
  • Causes of hair loss
  • What causes cair loss in women?
  • The psychological effects of hair loss
  • Hair transplant options:
    • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
    • Gro Microsurgery
  • What makes a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?
  • Science behind micro-surgery technique hair transplant
  • What to expect:
    • Before a treatment
    • During a treatment
    • After a treatment
  • Results – before & after photos
  • Risks & complications
  • Frequently asked questions